Music and its different genres

Music is a term derived from the great Greek’s which was derived and named after the 9 goddesses that represented knowledge, art and literature. And what comes to your mind as you hear the term music? A feeling of joy and relatable. It proves out to be a good company in any situation but according to situation and emotions like thrill, terror, happy, sorrow or even anger has its own tunes which make them feel  as such. Each one of us has different taste in music and often we share our passion for the same taste or start liking some other genre as well when someone recommends it to you. Even apart from that music can be sub-divided into so many different genres  and just to name a few –
So what makes this music so beautiful? In a vague answer we would say – Vocals, Melody, tunes, major and minor cords, guitar, piano, violin, drums and what not all [other musical instruments] But its just not it. Its much than that adding up to produce a musical piece that includes tempo, pitch, harmony, texture, rhythm, equalization and more. Several factors add up to present you with the music that we listen to but at the end of it. It can simply we defined as a frequency of waves or as a great rapper Eminen says – “Music is just a reflection of sound and we just explain it.”
Popular style are – Traditional music, Punk, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Classic, country, contemporary, soul, blues, Hip-hop , Pop and so on. The diverse spread of music has blessed us today with Jam sessions, Music festivals, International music, the live concerts, world tour, orchestra. Apart from the musical places, general places present your with it too, that we can hear music continuously in one or other form like in TV, commercials, videos, weddings, sports arena , fun fairs , skits Etc.
One for all and all for one, music is definitely a great way to get connected to our souls or to get connected to others as well.